About Us

Zahara, in our native language Kiswahili, means “to flower or to bloom.” 

We exist to empower and sustain the longevity of African craftsmanship & the livelihoods of these communities as we bridge the gap between African artisans and individuals in the Diaspora.

Our products, though contemporary, exist to pay homage to Kenyan culture, customs & traditions rooted in Maasai-themed products and beadwork practices.

By purchasing our products, you support the payment of fair wages to the curio artisans that source and up-cycle product materials locally and ethically.


Ethically Harvested, Locally Sourced, Thoughtfully Curated Items for your Home. 


Eco-Conscious, Up-cycled, Repurposed, African, Hand-Made Jewellery. 


Zahara prides itself in collaborating with artists on creative projects to amplify the grandeur of African crafts and to support the talent & creative efforts of artists around the globe.

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Nominees of RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023 for "demonstrating excellence from economic growth to social change, from local to global reach, across multiple sectors and throughout the nation."
- Women of Influence 2023